Motorik & funf present TIGA

Motorik & funf present TIGA

Friday 22 November 2013, 10:00pm—Saturday 23 November 2013, 5:00am

Motorik & funf present TIGA

The Imperial, Erskinville, Sydney

Restriction: R18

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They call him The Dove. Rainier Werner Bassfinder. Half of ZZT. Tiga. A fool in love with mystery and the groove, of climbing the highest mountains, of sailing the longest seas. A man to whom rave knows no mysteries, and to whom the world gives only the most luxurious of hotel rooms and the warmest of welcomes on the dancefloor. He's the sultan of the swing setting. He's sung songs about wearing Sunglasses At Night, shouted poetry at the world about Pleasure From The Bass, worn the finest of Shoes and taken us across Mind Dimensions. He is Tiga. He is not just a man, and not just a mystery, and not just a man capable of uniting the world under one strobe light. He is a man. He is all. But mostly, he is Tiga. Yes, his name... is Tiga.

In-between a myriad of hit 12"s, chart-topping MP3's and YouTube annihilating interviews, he's become renowned for taking nightclubs apart to the core, remodelling, tearing brains apart and reassembling in a blaze of sweaty, blissful glory. His DJ-Kicks has influenced every DJ worth influencing, and his instinctual reinterpretation of mega-trance-dance-house has led the world in instinctual reinterpretations. No, we don't know what the fuck any of that means, but you get the point. Tiga, the man, the icon, the myth, the actual REAL bona-fide in-existance poster-child for the dancefloor generation (any generation of dancefloor may apply) is coming to play. The man who brought the world every worthwhile recording artist on earth under his Turbo Recordings banner (discovering Gesaffelstein, Brodinski, Chromeo, Duke Dumont, Clouds, Locked Groove, Proxy, etc etc, can we stop now?) is coming to Australia, and, more importantly, Sydney, for a one-night-stand with lothariofunk-titans Motorik. THAT'S REAL. SO REAL.

An underground dance den packed full of vibe, love, light, sweat, sex and potentially even dance awaits. At the controls, Tiga, with his amazingly handsome brother Thomas Von Party, plus the usual MTK dickheads like The Finger Prince, CSMNT61, Vivi and Linda Marigliano (that sexy voice from JJJ) and Jensen Interceptor. A super-secret surprise second room is yet to be announced (because, well, we haven't announced it yet). Expect techno, heckno, hellyes and potentially some slow-mo k-funk. We're open to suggestions, even those from 2004-2006.


First release earlybird eager fanboy tickets only $25!


the vibe council and the fünf socialites
The Imperial

The Imperial
Erskineville, Australia

Address: 35 Erskineville Rd Erskineville NSW 2043
New South Wales