Red Bull Music Academy presents Romare (UK)

Red Bull Music Academy presents Romare (UK)


One of the most exciting British talents to emerge from the electronic world of late, Romare will be visiting our shores comes November as part of the next Red Bull Music Academy Club Night series. The Ninja Tune approved visionary will take his live show to all corners of the country from Friday the 13th onwards - hitting Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane with an electrifying jolt of African American-infused sonic vibrations.

The young electronic musician known as Romare wears his inspiration on his sleeve – in fact, he takes his very name from it. Having studied African American Visual Culture at University, his discovery of revered American collagist Romare Bearden became a lightning bolt moment – with the artist’s collaged, cut’n’paste artworks inspiring the young musician to apply a similar technique to music, harnessing its power to illuminate and assert through re-contextualisation.

After stints as a drummer and guitarist throughout school and university, the student moved to Paris where he picked up the turntables and began mixing his own music with samples from second hand records. Romare the musician was born and the template for his debut record.

Underground hothouse Black Acre signed him in 2012, adding him to a formidable roster that included Loops Haunt, Fantastic Mr Fox, Blue Daisy and Dark Sky. The imprint put out his first release “Meditations on Afrocentrism” in March of that year, followed by second EP ‘Love Songs: Part One’, inspired by the vast musical melting pot that is London.